The field of Social Media Analytics is emerging as a vital and strategic part for decision makers internationally.

Taking this into consideration, isMOOD transforms data into useful knowledge and gives its clients the ability to monitor, predict and shape public opinion and market sentiment through social network analysis. isMOOD collects data from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Blogs and Forums on a real time basis and translates them into measurable users’ sentiments. Through a collection of services, isMOOD can also detect topics that arise in the digital world and predict their evolution. Our sentiment analysis is an absolute must tool for companies, brands, social media managers and individuals with high presence in social media.

"Understand your audience and you will understand the impact of your message on each follower in your social media networks."
-Matt Gentile
Social Media Monitoring


isMOOD is using a unique algorithm to monitor user’s sentiments across Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Blogs and Forums. isMOOD’s clients know on a real- time basis what users are saying about their companies and their brands.

Social Media Prediction


Through integrated data analytics techniques, isMOOD can predict future reactions of the users across specific issues that may arise. This is a proactive tool that gives our customers the opportunity to be always one step ahead.

Social Media Influence


isMOOD provides customized services that actually influence public sentiment and change users’ attitudes, using Word of Mouth techniques and network mapping. This service is used for viral campaigns & crisis management

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