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From Data to Knowledge

isMOOD is a Social Media Services Company that was founded in November 2013 and consists of a dynamic of specialists in the fields of data science, data mining, business analysis and social media analytics.

isMOOD’s major competitive advantage is its scientific and research background. The provided services are the outcome of research efforts, in the field of data mining since 2011. These research efforts resulted in the “in-house” development of beyond-State Of The Art machine learning algorithms, which have been tested and proven to be able to provide superior performance and accuracy in their field. The international research community has already acknowledged these algorithms. isMOOD as a major company for analytics in social media, is the result of constant improvement, innovation and perfection in every aspect of its activities.


We intend to provide our customers with the most valuable asset they can have: true knowledge about how the “social network” feels and talks about their companies or their brands.

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  • Ότι συζητήθηκε στα social media σχετικά με τον τελικό του Final Four την Κυριακή από τη ματιά της isMOOD. #FNBOLY
  • Στο κλίμα του #survivorGR, αναλύσαμε όλα τα tweets για την ένταξη του Σπαλιάρα στους Μαχητές...ιδού τα αποτελέσματα!

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