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Get true knowledge of your market


isMOOD’s Monitoring Services refer to the collection of data from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogs, Forums and the monitoring of what users are saying about specific brands, their reactions to promotional campaigns, what problems they face while using various products and services and what stimulates their interest or not. isMOOD can also evaluate how topics of interest are evolving on a real time basis. Social Media Monitoring services provide isMOOD’s clients with the necessary knowledge of what are the true attitudes and behaviors of the users of social media, regarding their brands or companies. When topics of negative interest are arising in social media, it is very difficult for companies to detect them. Thus, the topics escalate and most of the times companies realize the problems when it is too late. isMOOD through monitoring services helps its clients to identify customer-related business concerns or needs and get a qualitative and quantitative feedback.


Foresee what topics may arise and prepare your actions


Continuously seeking for perfection, isMOOD always considers the future. Through specific services isMOOD links the analysis of the present, which is performed through monitoring services, with future predictions. IsMOOD not only performs key topic detection but also predicts topic evolution through the collective data analysis of Monitoring. Predicting Services include the detection of future trends and topics to be raised. isMOOD can also predict reactions of social media users, thus providing a useful proactive and strategic tool to its clients. Predicting services can be used by companies or brands in order to perform better brand management, crisis management and scenario analysis in terms of branding and marketing. These customized services can also be used by brand managers or campaign managers for addressing potential threats and performing the suitable actions to avoid them. isMOOD thus offers to its customers the absolute competitive intelligence of a glance to the future.



Actually change users’ sentiment and attitudes


isMOOD’s Influence Services are aimed to actually change users’ sentiment and opinions about products, companies or persons. isMOOD’s specialized stuff, interacts with the market, through Word of Mouth Marketing Techniques that enhance the virality and the responsiveness of the user, to the specific product, campaign or brand that isMOOD’s clients want. Influence Services can also perform network mapping, through which the most influential users – influencers- in the network are detected, in order to share positive content for isMOOD’s clients. Influence Services perform real shifts to customers’ sentiment and are used for effective launch of new brands or products, crisis management and at the beginning of new viral campaigns, when the positive responsiveness of users is extremely important. Finally, these Services are used by brand managers, advertisers and people in the public sphere with high involvement in social media, who are interested in communicating their image and raise their audience’s positive engagement. isMOOD’s Influence Services are fully customized to address specific customer needs, offering immediacy, actionable intelligence and efficiency in each and every task.




Help needed? Contact us and we will help you choose your service pack
isMOODisMOOD is a company in the field of social media analytics. The company collects data from social networks and transforms them to useful knowledge for companies.Phone:+30 211 8007222

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