Airlines' fail Tweets… 7 years ago

With the World Football Cup being in world’s center of attention and while companies are trying to always be in the limelight, this worldwide event gives them a perfect opportunity to come closer to their customers/fans via their social media presence.

As a result all the advertising campaigns of this season are somehow related to the World Football Cup even if the products and services of the company are not at all related to the event! Eventually, all the brands are trying to get some of this huge event’s glory, so as to promote their products or services or just to stay close to their customers and raise their engagement.

In this effort, they utilize social media, which has proven to be the most effective way for a brand to approach its fans. Aside from the classic social media advertising campaigns which are all somehow related to the World Football Cup, brands also post statuses commenting game results etc. In this effort though, sometimes they fail and instead of coming close to their clients and sharing with them valuable content, they end up dissatisfying their fans and even have them disapprove them.

Such failures happened to two famous airline companies which failed in their effort to make jokes on the results of two games.

b1First of them is Delta Airlines who posted the following tweet willing to congratulate the USA for wining Ghana by posting two photos representing the two countries, the Statue of Liberty for USA and a giraffe for Ghana. However, they were not that successful, as they missed out that giraffes do not live in Ghana and moreover they do not represent the country. Oops!

b2The tweet was immediately deleted and replaced with another one apologizing for the mistake and wishing good luck to all teams.

Royal Dutch Airlines, known as KLM, is the second brand related to a big Twitter failure. This brand found it very funny to post a photo of a Departures sign with a sketch of a Mexican on the left, commenting it with the phrase Adios Amigos! (Goodbye Friends!). KLM’s Mexican followers found it racist and rude and the tweet was deleted after few minutes.

b3Such examples show that the social media strategy of a brand should be very well designed and attention should be drawn on every single post, as users are strict and appreciate only quality content.

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