Angry Customers and How to deal with them with 5 moves 7 years ago

One might think: Who cares? We live in a free country.  They cannot affect me…

Well, ignoring a problem is the most dangerous and ineffective way to deal with it. Angry Customers have proved to be highly influential since most of the times people are interested in “scandals”, “blunders” and all the negative stuff that one might say against somebody else, especially if the unfortunate person to be accused of is a company.

So, what the managers should do?

1) Act quickly
Time is the most critical aspect. You have to identify and solve the problem early on and as soon as it happens. Otherwise it will be too late. This negative comment will start spreading over the network and will create a negative impact for the company.

2) Talk to the customer in person
Avoid to participate in a discussion with other customers. Find the one that started the war and talk to him or her in a private conversation.

3) Apologize if you should
Try to keep in mind that all of us make mistakes and if the Angry Customer is right, you should apologize. You will be amazed by what kindness can achieve at some cases.

4) Fix the problem
In case there is something wrong about your brand, you should use the negative critique as a source of information to improve it.

5) Let others speak for you
The voice of other people in the network is much more powerful than yours, especially after a crisis has occurred. So, you should let them help you and talk about your product to the Angry User.

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