Bye Bye Blue Bird… From Turkey with love… 7 years ago

What are the Greeks saying?

Three weeks ago, Recep Tayyip Erdogan revealed that a total ban on all social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube was in his mind. Now “unexpectedly”, Twitter is out of Turkey.

Short Story
The reason of the ban, is that Twitter denied to delete some Tweets that threatened the Turkish government, but Erdogan claimed that Turkish courts banned the platform, in order to “avoid the possible future victimization of citizens” and to “help satisfy” them.

We Greeks hate and love with passion
Due to the ban, Greek Twitter is on fire! It seems that Greeks are defending and supporting their neighbors. Tweets, links, posts and satirical images have been continuously shared since yesterday. 1232 actions over Twitter are recorded just in a few hours and most of them are using the hashtag #TwitterisblockedinTurkey, which is one of the most trending globally. Most of Greek claims condemn the Turkish Government and Erdogan to actions that threat the freedom of speech. Other users wonder about the future of a country without it.

Greek Twitter in Numbers
The 2 following graphs show in detail the Greek activity about the ban. The first one shows that Greeks “talk” about the subject more in Twitter than in Facebook and Blogs, whereas the second graphs gives us an image about how are Greeks feel about the ban. As you can imagine, the vast majority of the sentiment is negative and they mostly criticize the ban of Twitter in Turkey.

Is it only the beginning?
Erdogan plans to ban all social media in his country and his actions imply that he may succeed it. This raises many implications and questions about the global freedom of speech and democracy in a contemporary era of digital media. Citizens have a voice and express their real feelings with social media and if governments ban them, the reactions and the changes that will follow, are most probably going to surprise us.

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