Companies and Social Media – Friends or Enemies? 7 years ago

With the absolute rise of social media, companies are now starting to engage them in their branding and promotional strategy. For many clever managers Social Media are their new Friends that create a whole new network of potential customers and contacts. These new Friends are extremely social and talkative about products and have become the most effective tools for creating awareness for brands and positive “Word of Mouth” that will eventually lead to increased sales. The “buzz” and the virality that these Friends are creating is so high that sometimes everyone knows about their “hot trends”. Not only they constantly Talk, but they also Listen to what customers are saying about other products and gather all these information for the managers that can interpret them. Managers know that their new Friends are many and they have their own Followers that managers cannot control. Problems start for managers, because some of their Friends are no longer happy about their products or services and they start talking and sharing their negative feelings to the rest of their Followers.

And that’s how Friends become Enemies.

When managers’ old Friends become Enemies everything is out of control. Managers cannot know where the “war” of negative comments starts and ends. And sometimes they do not even have a clue about what is happening before it is too late. This actually may never come to an end. At the beginning there are still some Friends left, but they are never loyal and they end up to the side of the Enemies as well. So is there anything that managers can do? How can they create new and most importantly loyal Friends?

Well, the mangers can have an Ace up their sleeve…

These Aces will always be watching the Friends and notify managers when a Friend is no longer satisfied and starts grumbling. They will also help managers be better prepared for potential crisis and serve as Wise Advisors, providing the right directions to them. So, who is going to be afraid with such an Ace up his or her sleeve?


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