Cosmote Mobile Internet Downtime : Social media Reactions 5 years ago

Cosmote holds the biggest share in the Greek mobile market with 45.2% (EETT, 2016) of mobile users trusting it for their daily communications. Network reliability is one of the most important factors for customers. So, what happens when the biggest Greek telecoms provider has a downtime? CRISIS!
Some years ago, customers would call customer service to complain, probably the problem would spread through word of mouth and before it got widely known, it would have already been solved. But in our days, social media have made the process extremely faster. The moment customers realise there is a problem, they go on Facebook or Twitter and post their questions/complaints on their provider’s page. Therefore, the problem spreads immediately and the result is this:


cosmote 3g downtime



In August 3rd, Cosmote mobile internet network was out of order. Customers started posting on Facebook and Twitter, asking if there is a problem, making their complaints for the situation and the absence of information from the company. Posts for Cosmote mobile internet increased by 71%. Check out the best of them:





Many of them were so angry, that they declared they were going to change provider: 


cosmote 3g     










cosmote 3g


However, Cosmote has still loyal customers who are not thinking about leaving:









Now, let’s take a look at the company’s reaction to this crisis

The truth is they were a bit late at giving out information on what was happening. In fact, the first tweet refering to the problem was published in Aug. 3rd at 10:58, while the company publicly reacted not earlier than Aug. 4th, 00:22 with the following tweet:  


Moreover, in order to reverse the negative feeling of their customers, they offered them 1 GB free for 1 week:


cosmote 3g













But still, not everyone was happy…

cosmote 3g

cosmote 3g


So, what are we learning from the case of Cosmote?

Crises happen from time to time. What matters is how companies deal with them and how loyal their relation with their customers is, so that the crisis affects them the least. In our days, all companies have to be in touch with their customers 247 and “listen” to them whenever and wherever they speak. Just replying to phone calls and social mentions is not enough anymore. Companies have to be able to find their customers’ comments and opinions on blogs, forums and on social media, even if they are not tagged in their posts and directly reply to all their inquiries, making them feel they are here for them all the time.

Social media and web monitoring is exactly what companies like Cosmote need, in order to prevent or face crises in the best way before they spread. isMOOD platform is the only real-time social media and web monitoring tool that provides high-accuracy analytics on greek text. Contact us to request your free trial.




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