Do you have more questions or are you not sure about something? Here you will find the most popular questions about our technology, our services and our company.

Data, Sources & Technology

Does isMOOD provide sentiment analysis?

isMOOD’s unique algorithm automatically categorizes all the mentions based on the sentiment of the post’s text with extreme high accuracy. The sentiment can be positive, negative or neutral giving you high understanding of your customers and their feelings about you.

What sources/websites are monitored by isMOOD?

isMOOD collects data from all the available social media networks and online sources such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, News Sites, Blogs, Forums, Disqus and Skroutz.

Can I monitor Facebook fanpages?

Through isMOOD’s Platform you can monitor every existing fanpage and detect the analyzed data only for them.

Does isMOOD collect all data from Facebook?

Because of Facebook’s Privacy Policy the number of collected data has been reduced. Despite these regulations we have managed to gather as many data as possible to give you insightful information.

Does isMOOD provide historical data?

According to your subscription plan, we give you the opportunity to have unlimited historical data access.

How long does it take isMOOD to gather a mention that I posted just a moment ago?

We gather and analyze data in real-time, so you can see the mentions as soon as they are posted and processed.

What is the technology of isMOOD's algorithm?

The technology we have developed for gathering and analyzing data is a machine learning algorithm , which is trained regularly in order to classify automatically the collected data.

Keywords & Project Setup

What is an isMOOD's project ?

A project is considered as the number of the search groups you want to include on your analysis in order to compare them.

What is a Search Group ?

A Search Group is the Brand/Product/Keyword you want to monitor, and it  consists of the colour, name and the total number of the keywords you have selected.

How many keywords can I track?

There is no limit on how many keywords you can track and analyze. Our subscription plans depend on the number of brands you want to monitor and not to the keywords.

For example, if your subscription plan is for monitoring two brands you can use as many keywords as you want in order to describe these two and make the analysis you prefer.

Can I add keywords after the project creation?

There are no restrictions regarding the keywords you want to include or exclude on your monitoring process.

After the creation of your monitoring project you can easily make any changes on the keywords from isMOOD’s platform and update your data according to them.

My keywords aren't unique and are collecting unwanted mentions. How can I narrow down my search?

In case your selected keywords don’t describe the brand/product you monitor in a unique way, there is a chance of gathering irrelevant data.

By adding excluded keywords you can permanently delete these unwanted mentions from your future data collection. isMOOD’s Support Team is at your disposal and can help you in the cleaning process of your project.

Why am I not getting any results in my analysis?

When you create a monitoring project there is a possibility of not entering the proper keywords you want to include in your analysis . Thus, your project may appear without any results.

In any case check that your included keywords are written correctly and are relevant to your analysis, or contact our Support Team to help you.

isMOOD's Platform

Can I interact with customers who have mentioned my Brand through isMOOD's platform?

Using isMOOD’s platform, the engagement with your market and customers is in your hands.

You can find and see all the mentions of your Brand/ Products made by customers, interract with them, manage possible complaints and keep your market always happy.

Can I compare my Brand with the competition?

Depending your subscription plan you can compare at the same time Brands of the same or different industry as yours.  This way you have access on data regarding your competitors and have the chance to lead on the market.

How can I set up/use filters?

Our platform’s filtering features give you flexibility. You can filter your data however you like based on various parameters, like sentiment, user’s gender, channels and your searchs groups.

How can I see posts with only postive, neutral or negative sentiment?

Our platform’s filtering features give you flexibility. You can filter your data however you like, based on their sentiment or other possible parameters.

Can I change the time period?

While monitoring your Brand/Product’s analysis you can select the exact time period you want to detect, without losing any information about the entire period of your analysis.

Can I see seperated analysis of news and opinions?

The data we collect in real-time are automatically seperated into news and opinions, giving you true knowledge of which mentions are objective and which represent a personal opinion.

In addition, using our filters you can detect only the posts that are characterised as news or only the opinions and make seperated analysis.

How can I see specific topics cosnidering the existing data of my analysis?

If you want to filter your data and see analysis only for specific topics or hashtags, you only have to add a new filter on your current monitoring project. By adding several filters with different selected keywords you have the opportunity to easily compare your data in no time.

Can I export my data?

You have the opportunity to export all the data of your analysis in xls/png form and manage them your way.

Can I receive alerts for specific events?

Every time a specific event happens, during your analysis, you can choose to receive real-time alerts. For example, if your mentions have reached a high peak or the market’s sentiment is changed dramatically, you will be notified. These alerts give you the opportunity to manage possible market crisis and always be one step ahead.

How can I delete collected posts?

Through our platform we give you the option to delete any post you don’t want to see on your analysis, or anything irrelevant with the brand/product you monitor.

How can I download the posts of my analysis?

In case you want to download only the posts of your monitoring project, you can simply select to download them from the Post’s Page of the Platform, and manage these data as you prefer.

General Questions

Can I book a demo?

Wondering how our platform works and which are the services we provide? Schedule a demo with our team and get a close look on our monitoring analysis.

What is an Influencer?

An Influencer is a user who makes the most posts mentioning your Brand/ Product.