Ice Cream Social Media Report 4 years ago

Summer means ice cream!

Not only do we eat more and more of it as temperature increases, but we also post more and more about our favorite ice creams.
Between May 1st and July 10th, isMOOD collected and analyzed 1.266 posts about greek ice cream brands and here are the results!

93% of posts were published on Twitter, while 71% of them were published after June 1st.

Love for ice cream has no gender! Men and women are talking about it equally and they share their opinions about best products, shapes and flavors.

What matters the most though, is quantity! People are choosing family pack ice cream and critisize brands which have made their products smaller, sometimes seriously and sometimes humorously.

Greeks’ best flavors are caramel and chocolate in the form of a scoop or a bar.

However, no matter the flavor or shape, people consider ice cream as the tempation they are trying to resist to, but at the end of the day, they do not manage to. The pleasure of eating an ice cream appeals to all their senses. Like @aleretsou says: “Είναι αυτό το μαγικό κομμάτι στο boss με τη 3πλή παχύρευστη στρώση σοκολάτας που το δαγκώνεις αργά κι ακούς το κρακ…”

For more sweet and tasty ice cream posts, check the infographic below:




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