KPIs for Social Media - Vol. 1 Facebook 7 years ago

O campaigns. isMOOD will release a series of articles for the specific KPIs in social media. So let’s start from Facebook.

1) Number of Likes in your Fan Page

This is the most generic KPI for Facebook that shows mainly your Reach. You need it in order to indicate that people like you and are interested in your activities and to reach as many people as you can, provided that they belong to your target audience.

2) “Talking about this”

This is much more important KPI for you, as social media managers, and shows the active users that like, comment or share your posts.

3) Growth

You have to measure and compare the rate at which you fans and their engagement growths over time as a percentage. This gives you an image of you efficiency.

4) Average Posts per Day

This is a measure that has to be kept in a specific value over time. Users are annoyed by the pages that “talk too much” and do not pay attention to the “silent” ones. Try to figure out with experimenting, which is the most appropriate number of posts for you audience and keep this number.

5) Traffic to your website

If your posts or your advertisements, direct your users to your website, measure this amount and of course at the case in which you use advertising, you have to calculate the CPM and address whether this is very expensive to you. Many people mistakenly believe that social media are free advertising tools, but these metrics might surprise you.

6) Advertising Value

Do your homework and compare the estimated numbers that Facebook gives you at the beginning of your campaigns in terms of Likes for example, with the real results that you get at the end. Try to evaluate whether the differences are acceptable or if you should improve your targeting for example. Customer acquisition cost is a very important KPI and you should include the Advertising Value of your Facebook Campaigns as well.

7) Consumer Sentiment

Through specific tools, you should evaluate the overall sentiment of the users of Facebook and this includes Analytics that are beyond your fan page. isMOOD has developed specific tools for Monitoring and Measuring the real consumer sentiments.

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