Why We Love a VIRAL VIDEO? Can you make one? 7 years ago

In the social media world there are many things to do in order to get attention. One of the most powerful ways is a viral video. People after all always loved fairytales and stories, so tell them one! But how on earth does a video go viral? Well, here are some tips!

Size matters

First things first! Keep in mind that your video shouldn’t be more than 6 minutes maximum. People are mainly browsing YouTube videos for a short break and they may have only 10 minutes, so don’t make them reject you just because your video is too long!

Tell a story

Nobody will care for another advertisement. You should have a story with a clear concept to say to your audience. Be very careful when you design the “scenario” of your video

Have a character

It is much easier to develop emotions to the viewers, if you build your story upon another person. There must be someone in your story that goes through some phases. A person that your audience will feel attached to.

Introduce some anarchy

This is the TWIST! A surprise, a big change, something that changes the whole picture. A good time for this is at the second minute of your video. Just at the time when they feel that they got the picture, you go and change it!

Restore the balance

Of course you cannot let a bad impression to your viewers. So, after you shock them (in a decent way), you have to bring the balance back and “solve” whatever problems you created at the previous phase.

Let the sun rise again

One of the best ways to close your story, is hope. You have to bring a positive emotion at the end of your video otherwise you will create so much criticism, that your video will go viral but for the wrong reasons.

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