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The World Football Cup 2014 is over with Germany being the World Champion and the 1st European country to win the World Football Cup in Latin America, who couldn’t once more prove its reputation as a football master. was constantly monitoring all the phases of the championship, detecting the sentiment of Greek users concerning their national team, the teams it competed with and the teams that reached the semi-finals as well as the finals, through their posts on social media and blogs.

As predicted, the World Football Cup of 2014 was the one with the biggest social media coverage of all times and this is also confirmed by taking a look at Greek data. More specifically, gathered 272.596 posts since 05/05/2014, from which 43.899 came from Facebook, 92.839 from Twitter and 135.639 from blogs.

Those posts were selected and categorized using machine learning algorithms for the solution of Topic Modelling, Community Detection and Sentiment Analysis problems, in order to extract useful conclusions concerning Greek users’ attitude towards the biggest football event.

Greek users experienced intensely the World Football Cup from its beginning till the end, posting in a constant basis not only comments on teams and players but also jokes, generating continuous buzz. In the beginning, as expected, the interest of Greek users was headed to their national team with their sentiment towards it being constantly positive, whereas the most negative posts were about Ivory Coast.

The day of Greece’s qualification for the phase of 16, the referrals on Greece peaked at 71000 posts, whereas the day that Greece was excluded from the championship, Greeks produced only 7800 posts, 10 times less referrals…

Another interesting highlight of the World Football Cup 2014 is the very big volume of posts concerning the striking defeat of Brazil against Germany with the score of 7-1. As finals were approaching, Greek fans favored for Argentina to be the World Champion, as they had already shown their desire of Germany’s exclusion from the semi-finals, producing related posts all the time.

isMOOD Data Technology Services, with the release of succeeded in capturing the experience and the sentiment of Greek users concerning the World Football Cup 2014, being always in track with actuality and emphasizing on the importance of collection, categorization and, more importantly, of data analysis in purpose of valuable knowledge extraction.

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