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Oscars 2016 are the trending topic of the last days and especially the fact that Leonardo Di Caprio finally managed to win the golden statuette for the 1st time!

So, at isMOOD we thought that Oscars are the best case to test the text analytics tools we’ve been recently preparing for the English language. And it worked surprisingly well!

Here is our first attempt for social media and web analytics on English text, first published on News247.

We collected and analyzed  2.005.695 tweets from January 8th to February 24th. The most popular hashtags in the Oscar-related tweets are the following:


  1. #oscars: 387.268 tweets
  2. #oscars2016: 228.169 tweets
  3. #oscarnoms: 129.576 tweets
  4. #oscarssowhite: 76.277 tweets
  5. #therevenant: 16.252 tweets
  6. #goldenglobes: 13.621 tweets
  7. #news:8.478 tweets
  8. #academyawards: 7.789 tweets
  9. #leonardodicaprio: 7.390 tweets
  10. #oscarsowhite: 7.3254 tweets


Among the nominees for the Best Actress Award, Charlotte Rampling is the most mentioned with 18.311 tweets , though the sentiment for the actress is mostly negative due to her comments regarding the absence of non-white actors from this year’s nominations.

Second in buzz comes Jennifer Lawrence with 13.407 tweets and mostly positive comments about her nomination and the fact that she has already been nominated 4 times, despite her being so young.

Cate Blanchett is only third in social media conversations, while Brie Larson, this year’s winner is the least mentioned nominee!


The Best Actress Award is a characteristic case that indicates why we cannot predict the winner only based on the buzz around an actress.

In terms of buzz, Rampling came first, but the sentiment for the actress is highly negative. This is why we created “isMOOD Score”, an index calculated based on the buzz and the sentiment of the tweets that allows us to balance between the volume of social conversations and their general attitude towards the the topic we monitor. So, while Rampling was 1st in buzz, she had the lowest isMOOD Score.

In the following table you can see the Best Actress Nominees ranking based on buzz and based on the isMOOD Score



As for Best Actor Award, the topic was by far more clear! Leonardo Di Caprio scored 1st in buzz and in isMOOD Score with more than 54.000 tweets and 50.6% positive sentiment.

Below, you can see the rankings according to the buzz and isMOOD Score.




Here are some trending tweets about Leonardo Di Caprio having never won an Oscars Award:


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