How to rock Twitter! KPIs Vol.2 7 years ago

Measure the Traffic

  1. Number of followers
  2. Following / followers ratio

Those are the measures of you General Traffic. They are pretty obvious, but useful to gain the first impressions!

Measure the Engagement

The measures of Engagement are more important and measure your overall activity and the responsiveness of your users to your actions

Measure your Virality

  1. Number of replies
  2. Number of mentions
  3. Number of Favorites
  4. Number of lists that you are in

The measures of Virality give a more detailed view about the extent of your audience engagement. Be aware that it is very important to be mentioned many times, but for positive reasons (we will cover this part on the Sentiment & Topics category).

Measure your Results

  1. Number of visits to your links
  2. Visit Rate: (visits / followers)*100

These KPIs measures the traffic that Twitter generates to your website, or to other links that you Tweet! They measure the effectiveness of your tweets and the resulted visits to your links.

Measure Sentiment & Evaluate Topics of Interest

  1. Sentiment Ratio: positive / negative sentiments
  2. Topics of interest
  3. Demographics of Followers

Those specific KPIs give a much deeper view of your Twitter audience and their interests. First of all, you have to detect the directions of you users’ sentiment and whether they talk about you in a positive or negative manner. You also have to know the topics that they like and discuss in Twitter and what are the new trends. Finally, it is very important to analyze the demographical characteristics (age, country of residence, gender, profession) of your Followers, in order to understand them better. isMOOD provides all the necessary tools for these specialized KPIs, that will help you raise the effectiveness of your actions both in Twitter and all social media.

Never underestimate the power of understanding your audience, you will be amazed by your discoveries!

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