Social Media Love Chocolate! 5 years ago

Chocolate: the eternal temptation! Everyone would like a piece of chocolate at any time….. And it seems that she would share this pleasure with her social media followers…

At isMOOD we looked back at the last 11 months’ social posts by Greek users about chocolate products.

As you can see in the following infographic, 62.764 posts about the most popular chocolate products in the Greek market were published by more than 17.000 people. An interesting finding is that women talk about chocolate more than men!

The most post popular product is Merenda, a chocolate spread with more than 42.000 social mentions (68% of all chocolate product mentions).

Studying the data, we concluded that each product is perceived by social media users in a different way. For example, ΙΟΝ Αμυγδάλου (almond chocolate bar) is perceived as the “chocolate of love”, ΙΟΝ Γάλακτος (milk chocolate bar) and Lacta OREO are the “chocolates of Pleasure” and Lacta Merenda and Kit Kat make people feel euphoria.

As expected, users’ sentiment towards chocolate products is mainly positive. The only negative posts isMOOD’s analysts detected referred to Lacta’s “obsession” with making chocolates with various stuffing.

Watch the analysis in a glance by taking a look at our infographic




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